Aurea Roma – Who are we?

We are a group of certified tourist guides of Rome and its surroundings, and our enduring passion is to make it known to all.

We have over twenty years of experience in the world of tourism and possess a vast scholarship which we share in an accessible and creative way with all our clients.

We especially desire to promote unusual itineraries which we believe can be an added value to your stay.

This is the starting point of Aurea Roma Group Tours:

walks back in time to the rich and fascinating history of the capital of the Roman Empire, including anecdotes and legends; guided tours designed to discover the boundless cultural scene of Roman museums, the magnificence of Vatican City and Christianity in Rome and the most attractive destinations around Rome.

Aurea Roma was born from our love for the Eternal City and our willingness to showcase this wonderfull city.

Why “Aurea Roma”?

Aurea Roma’s logo and name are inspire by a precious relic of Ancient Rome (yes, we are also experts in numismatics!): the Aureo Romano (or Roman Aureus), a gold coin issued during the reign of the emperor Alessandro Severo in the III century AD, with an image of the Colosseum, universally recognised as the symbol of Rome. 


Tourist Guides from Aurea Roma Group


Margherita Capponi

Tourist Guide since 2000
Degree in Classical Archeology with address and specialization in Classical Archeology.. Margherita is Roman from more then 7 generations, which is a fundamental characteristic of the “True Roman”.

She speaks: Italian, English and French

Short CV: Archaeological excavations in Italy, from the prehistoric period to the modern period, from 1989 to 2003. Experience in organizing trips in Italy and abroad (North Africa and Middle East).


Filomena Di Santis

Tourist Guide since 2010

She speaks: Italian and English

Short CV: Archaeological Excavations, Architectural Relief, Architectural Design of Archaeological Materials in Italy and abroad, Tours and Educationals Activities for the Schools from 1984 to 2006; Geoarchaeological investigations, for the prior assessment of the archaeological risk, from 2006 to 2010.


Maria d’Onofrio

Tourist Guide since 2001

Degree in Literature (Historical and Religious specialization). Professional qualification certificate of “Tecnico Animatore dei Beni Culturali”.

She speaks: Italian and Spanish

Short CV: Collaboration with organizations and associations of Cultural Heritage as a Designer and Educational Operator since 1994. Cataloguer of Demo-ethno-anthropological Heritage for the Lazio Region.


Simona Fabrizi

Tourist Guide since 2007

Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (Historical and Artistic specialization).

She speaks: Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Short CV: Teaching positions at secondary schools of first and second degree. tour guide since 2007.


Judy Reeve

She speaks: English, French and Italian.

Short CV: Originally from Ireland, Judy is a Literature graduate with a specialisation in Romance languages. She has always been inspired by the language of art and architecture and her goal is to provide unforgettable visits to Rome.


Emilio Ferracci

Rome tourist guide from 2000 and Vatican City tourist guide from 2013.

Archeology Graduate, with dissertation on the Geomorphology and Topography of Rome and Ancient Italy (University of Rome, 1994).

He speaks: English and Italian.

Short CV: Director of Archeological Site Excavations for the Cultural Heritage Departments of Rome and the Lazio Region (1994-2005). Author of books and monographs on the archeology and cultural history of Rome and Lazio. Certified Guide to the City of Rome (2000) and to Vatican City and the Papal Villas (2013). Lecturer in Archeology, Wine and Food Tourism.

Professional Sommelier (1992).

primo piano rossella 2017 b

Rossella Canuti

Tourist guide from 2000.

Degree in  art history  and specialization in the history of medieval and modern art.

He speaks: Italian and French.

Short CV: tourist and cultural guide for adults, students and children in Rome and the Vatican (Museums and Basilica) and the surroundings of the capital of Italy. She will be happy to share with you the stories of the most beautiful places in the eternal city.