Tour of the Aventine and the Foro Boario

Tour of the Aventine and the Foro Boario – 31 May or 7 June 2019

Discover the tour of Aventino and Foro Boario and choose between one of the two dates: May 31 or June 7, 2019!

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new year tour in rome

New Year with the ghosts of Rome

Still don’t know what to do on new years’ eve! Take a walk with the ghosts of Rome: toast is included!

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Enchanted By Egypt: Egyptian Cultural Influences in the Roman Campagna

Although Rome conquered Egypt in 31 BC, Egypt and its culture had been fascinating the Latin peoples for centuries, generating considerable trade as far back as Alexander the Great and the beginnings of the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

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Imitatio Romae: similarities between Washington DC and the Eternal City

Every year, I live at least a month and a half in Alexandria, Virginia, a few miles from Washington DC (District of Columbia), a guest of dear friends. Even here in the US, the federal capital Rome is with me, it never leaves me. Yes, because DC (as the Americans call it) was designed and […]

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new year eve tour roma 2018

What to Do in Rome on New Year’s Eve 2018

Still undecided over new year? Discover our tour of Rome for the 2018 New Year’s Eve!

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