Photowalks in Rome

Rome is gifted with an incomparable combination of colours and light, monuments and secrets. For photographers and their companions the effect is magic. Capture the colour of street life, shooting the history is indescribably rewarding. Our photo walks are led by professional photographers in love with this land and eager to reveal its art and life to you. The following are our planned itineraries, you can choose one or more.

Tu quoque, Brute, fili mi!

In March (the Ides of March), 44 BC, Julius Caesar was killed in the Curia of Pompey precipitating the end of the Roman Republic. We follow the “last journey” of Gaius Julius Caesar to the Curia where he had arranged with Mark Antony to make a public display of his loyalty to the Republic. Vibrant and alluring, this area, between the Vatican and the Coliseum, presents an interesting array of subjects to shoot together.

The Tiber tells

We walk along the river Tiber from Castel Sant’Angelo to the Circus Maximus. The Tiber is believed to be the river into which Romulus and Remus (the former founded Rome) were thrown as infants. Called by Italians the blond river due to its muddy waters, the Tiber is the very heart of Rome: the nearby Vatican, the Jewish Synagogue and Ghetto, the Tiber Island, the Mouth of Truth overlook its banks along with the oldest and most intriguing quarters of the city such as Trastevere.

The Aqueducts of Rome

The park of the Aqueducts, just 8 Km from the center of Rome, is a public area where we can find several structures built between the III century B.C. and the Italian Renaissa
nce period. These majestic works of engineering brought water from the Valley of the Aniene and the Colli Albani to the centre of the city. We will especially admire the Claudius Aqueduct, which movie directors love to film.

The Appian Way

We walk along the Appian Way whose construction had begun in 312 BC by the Censor Appius Claudius Caecus and which was gradually completed following the Roman Army conquests in South Italy, as well as the Urbe strategies towards the Orient. The Aurelian Walls, the Circus of Maxentius, the church of “Quo Vadis”, the area of the catacombs, the mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, and the original roman stretches of the road along which the rebels of Spartacus were crucified, are unforgettable subjects to shoot.

A photo walk is a theme walk through Rome’s most fascinating sights with a camera to explore and to better understand the territory you’re visiting.
Our photo walks are designed to:
• take pictures of the most interesting archeological/historical areas of Rome and its surroundings, according to your personal inspirational talent or assisted by our photo guides;
• discover the history, the art and the life of Rome and its people; • enhance your personal vision, creativity and photographic
technique when travelling with a digital camera; • have fun together with your companions;
• be photographed by us, if you wish.
A basic knowledge of your equipment (DSLRs and compact cameras) is needed.
Comfortable clothing (waterproof clothes too if a chance of heavy rain/storms is forecast by weather services), light trekking shoes are advisable.

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