Tour of the Aventine and the Foro Boario

Tour of the Aventine and the Foro Boario – 31 May or 7 June 2019

Useful information

Friday 31 May or Friday 7 June 2019
Appointment: h. 21 at the statue of Giuseppe Mazzini, in Largo Ugo la Malfa

About the Tour

The visit will start from the Aventine hill, formerly known as Mons Murcius. Its name given to it by the high quantity of blueberries that covered it, assuming only later the name with which it is known today.
The hill is also famous for the square that houses the headquarters of the Knights of Malta, designed by Piranesi. It is famous for the door in which the famous keyhole opens, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Dome of St. Peter.
The itinerary will continue with a walk to the Circus Maximus, undoubtedly the most imposing racecourse in the world, to end at the Foro Boario. The latter, born as a cattle market, was also active before the traditional date of the foundation of Rome. Given the presence of fragments of geometric ceramics and fragments of the Mycenaean era (XII century BC) attests to the Greek presence in Rome since that time.
The Foro Boario hosts another of the most famous Roman monuments, the famous Bocca della Verità, was probably an ancient sewer system. Legend says that during the medieval period the hands of the suspects were introduced into the mouth of truth, if they were innocent nothing would have happened. However, if guilty…
To conclude the visit we will admire externally the temples of Portunus and the round temple of Hercules.

Optional aperitif!

Do you also want to participate in the Aperitif? Join us from 8.30pm!
Cost of the guided tour: € 8 per person; aperitif: euro 10 per person. Visit + aperitif: euro 18.00.

Info and reservations

Email:; Telephone: 3294948346
Minimum 15 participants