Fitness Tiber River Tour

Leave the crowds behind you and enjoy the leafy tranquility of the Eternal City from the cycle track along the River Tiber. Follow the river as it winds through the city, starting at Piazza Navona and Castel Sant Angelo with a magnificent view of St Peters Basilica. We cycle northwards towards the Olympic Stadium, Ponte […]

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Fitness Appian Way Tour

The Old Appian Way dates back to the year 312 BC and was known as the “Regina Viarium”. From Rome the Appia reached the southern city of Brindisi (360 Roman miles) and was famous for elegant villas, rich tombs and catacombs. Come and explore this historic route by bike (first seven km) and relive the solemnity […]

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circus maximus tour

Circus Maximus and the Mouth of the Truth

Aventine Hill The tour will begin at the Aventine Hill, known in the past as Mons Murcius, for the great deal of myrtles that grew there. At the end of the monarchical age, the Aventine Hill hosted many crucial events for the history of Rome. In the time between 494 and 449 BC, the plebeian […]

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Rome Photo Tour

Photo Tour of Rome at Dawns Find out the tour of Rome designed for photography lovers! A 3-hours guided tour, between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.: discover the Eternal City while it’s waking up! The Coliseum The photo tour of Rome starts at the Coliseum. Thanks to the first lights of dawn and to the […]

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Rome Food Tour

Rome Food Tour Let’s taste the famous roman pizza! The Rome Food Tour is a walking tour to discover some of the most appetizing bakeries in the Eternal City and taste one of the most tasty and tempting food of the city: the roman pizza! Traditionally, the source of roman pizza bianca (where bianca stays […]

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Rome by Night Tour

Rome by night tour Find out the Rome by Night Tour, a fresh look on the Eternal City: the aperitif is included! Rome by Night Tour begins with a meeting at the Pantheon, for an explanation of the monument from the outside. The Pantheon, built in 27 BC for the will of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, […]

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