Church of San Lorenzo de Speziali in Miranda

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  • Vatican City & Christian Rome
  • 1,5 hours tour
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  • Groups Allowed
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Church of San Lorenzo de Speziali in Miranda, built in the Roman Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, is one of the most interesting and original exemples of combination of baroque and classic architecture.
The temple was begun by Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius in 141 AD when his young wife Faustina died; it was converted to a Christian Church as early as the seventh century, dedicated to St Lawrence, since it was thought that this place was where St. Lawrence had been sentenced to death.
In 1429 Pope Martin V assigned the church to the corporation of the Roman Chemists on condition that it included a hospital and a home for the poor co-brothers.
The building was demolished in 1536, in order to restore the ancient temple for the visit of Emperor Charles V; in 1602 the Roman Chemists assigned to Orazio Torriani the task of building the new church we can see today.
The Church still belongs to the Nobile Collegio Chimico Farmaceutico and offers a magnifical view of the Roman Forum; thus it is possible to admire paintings from Pietro da Cortona and Domanichino and visit the Museum of Pharmaceutical art.