Ostia Antica Tour

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Ostia Antica tour from Rome

If you wish to make yourself an idea about ancient roman cities but you can’t move to Pompei, you definitely have to take a look to our Ostia Antica Tour from Rome.
A guided tour to Ostia Antica, one of the most and well preserved settlement of the Ancient Rome, which raises above the mouth of the river Tiber and which was built, according to the legends, by the will of Anco Marzio, the 4th of the Seven Kings of Rome.
During the Ostia Antica tour, visitors could admire the way of life of roman citizens, by visiting the ancient teather of Ostia Antica (in which, still today, many artists perform their spectacle, with a charming and suggestive athmosphere), many famous roman thermal sites, the necropolis and various kind of roman residences, as the famous insulae, the multi-storey roman houses.
Ostia Antica was a very important settlement for Rome. The name Ostia itself (it cames from the Latin ostium, which means mouth of the river), used to be a military outpost, to control both the mouth of the Tiber and the lower course of the river, with the bordering territories. Since its beginnings, Ostia also became a river port, in which lived at least 300 people: from the castrum, ships sailed to Rome full of wheat and other goods, even if the primary role of Ostia always remained the military one.