Necropolis of Portus and Harbour of Trajan Tour

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Necropolis of Portus and Harbour of Trajan in Fiumicino


The Necropolis of Portus

In A.D. 42, the emperor Claudius decided to build a new port in the north of Ostia, on the right bank of the Tiber. The old harbor, located to the natural mouth of the Tiber, did not allow the anchoring of large ships, because of the small depth of the seabed.

The remains of Claudio harbor are now, partially, under the modern international airport of Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci”.

After the construction of the great seaport, a new urban center developed around it, with the consequent birth of several necropolis. One of them, of particular archeological interest, is that we’re going to visit: the necropolis of Porto.

The necopoli Porto has over two hundred tombs, arranged along the Via Flavia Severiana. The burials date from the late first century A.D. to the fourth century A.D. Our tour begins at the Necropolis of Porto, open to the public only in the morning.

The Harbour of Trajan

We will then visit the Harbour of Trajan.

This new, impressive port was built by Emperor Trajan (A.D. 98-117), because of the silting of the Port of Claudius. The Port of Trajan, characterized by an innovative hexagonal basin, was structured in a more secure and lasting way.

The huge harbor was inaugurated in A.D. 113, with a capacity of about 200 ships docking. It was connected to the old Pordo Claudio via an artificial canal, at the time appointed Fossa Traiana and still exists today, as the Canale di Fiumicino.

While, as mentioned, the Port of Claudius is now completely covered with earth, numerous witnesses are visible of the Port of Trajan.

We will visit the remains of warehouses for the procurement of goods, the piers, the so-called dock and spas.