basilica of s clemente

The Basilica of S. Clemente and Roman houses of the Celio

The Basilica of S. Clemente Near the Colosseum, along the road connecting the Basilica of S. Giovanni in Laterano, we find the basilica dedicated to St. Clement the Pope, the third successor of Peter, who died around the year 100 AD. The current structure was built in about 1100, above a thick layer of rubble […]

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Church of San Lorenzo de Speziali in Miranda

Church of San Lorenzo de Speziali in Miranda, built in the Roman Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, is one of the most interesting and original exemples of combination of baroque and classic architecture. The temple was begun by Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius in 141 AD when his young wife Faustina died; it was converted to […]

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Rome Food Tour

Rome Food Tour Let’s taste the famous roman pizza! The Rome Food Tour is a walking tour to discover some of the most appetizing bakeries in the Eternal City and taste one of the most tasty and tempting food of the city: the roman pizza! Traditionally, the source of roman pizza bianca (where bianca stays […]

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Square and Fountains

Tour of the Squares and Fountains of Rome Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi an Pantheon The guided tour to the Squares and Fountains of Rome will lead the visitor in a journey among the most fascinating monumental fountains and squares of the Eternal City. The tour will start in Piazza di Spagna, where we may see the scenic Spanish Steps to […]

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