Rome Tours Fees

Group Tours (from 10 to 20)

160 € / half a day tour (3 hours)
320€ / full day tour (6 hours)

Individual Tours

(from 1 or 2 person)

240 € / half a day tour (3 hours)
480 € / day tour (6 hours)

(from 3 to 9 person)

300 € / half a day tour (3 hours)
600 € / day tour (6 hours)


A surcharge of € 2.60 per person, over 20 pax.
A surcharge of 1/3rd of the total cost for each additional hour
A surcharge of 25% of the basic fee for a second language (if requested)


Exclusions & Notes


  • Entrance tickets to museums and archaeological areas
  • Reservations (if required) in the places to be toured
  • Earphone rentals
  • Rental car or bus or coach hire


Services related to the Vatican Museums with the St. Peter’s Basilica and the tours that take place in Tivoli, Ostia Antica and villages of the province of Rome takes place in a period of 4 hours (for the Vatican Museums meant four hours without booking and reservation 3 hours).
In the event that, for the needs of the customer, the guidance should leave or join the group in the localities mentioned above, the time required for the trip to be counted in the duration of the tour.

For every information or reservation, please don’t hesitate to contact use by phone or using the contact form in the contact page!

For every information or to book a tour, please do not hesitate to contact us in the contact page!