new year eve tour roma 2018

What to Do in Rome on New Year’s Eve 2018

Informations about the tour

Meeting PointDec 31st  h. 10 pm  – in front of the Bookshop Feltrinelli,  5/A Largo di Torre Argentina.

The tour will start with a delicious tasting of finger food, in the spectacular atmosphere of Tiber Island.

Legend has it that the Tiber island was created in a peculiar way: after driving out king Tarquinius Superbus and as a mark of their hatred towards the tyrant, the Roman populace cast all his crops into the Tiber and the mud that accumulated on them formed the island itself.
In actual fact, a tufa bank, like the one of the nearby Capitoline hill, is the geological foundation for the sand deposits brought there by the river’s current.

From the remotest times, the need for the peoples on both banks to ford the river made this island crucial because the river was not deep here. Over the centuries, despite its later sacred character, the island was inserted in the trading activities of the nearby port by building its bridges and embankments.

Another ancient tradition tells why the island has always been associated with caring for the sick and also explains why it was also called the Stone Ship.

Then we walk along the Tiber River and we will see Ponte Sisto, an ancient roman bridge, built in 19 b.C. by Agrippa and refurbished by the pope Sixtus 4th in 1473-1479 and we will visit Trastevere, an old district where we can admire narrow Medioeval streets, and squares like piazza TRilussa, Santa Maria in Trastevere and Santa Cecilia.

At midnight, go celebrating! A toast together and tasting of a traditional Italian plate to give a proper welcome to the New Year: lenticchie e cotechino, a very savory plate, which consist in lentils and pork sausage made by the chef Anna Dente!

End of the tour is expected around 00.30.

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Tour Price for Person: € 35 Minimum (10 participants)

Margherita Capponi
telefono: +39 3294948346

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